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Newsletter April 2016

Paenga – Whāwhā / April  Pānui 2016

Recently we farewelled Te Ahikaaroa & Katerina to Kura. Both tamariki and their whānau have contributed a lot to Te Waka and we know they will continue to be a part of us as they continue their journey in life. We would like to wish them both all the best.

ERO – Educational Review Office visit 18th – 19th/04/2016

Ani Rolleston along with her colleague from ERO will be coming in on Monday & Tuesday 18th – 19th April. They are here to observe the centre’s daily routines / daily curriculum / daily care of our tamariki & looking through certain paperwork.
ERO would like to meet with a few whānau / mātua while they are here. If you are available to talk to ERO and tell them how wonderful we are, please let Jasmin know. A timetable of their visit will be provided by the end of the week.

Winter is coming along with the colder weather

Please ensure you send you tamaiti/ tamariki with the appropriate kakahu. Warm pōtae, koti, karapu

Reminder: Health and Safety for Tamariki and Pākeke Policy

Tamariki and pākeke who are sick are not to attend the centre. This includes vomiting, diarrhoea, high temperatures, flu like symptoms, conjunctivitis, impetigo and any other contagious illness.

General guidance kaiako will follow:

High temps. – Normal up to 37.2, if 38.0+ tamaiti will be sent home.
Diarrhoea and / or vomiting – Pākeke/ tamaiti will be excluded for 48hours after last diarrhoea or vomit.
Head lice (kutu) – If live kutu are sighted, whānau will be contacted to pick up their tamaiti and asked to treat their hair. Tamariki can return to the centre after appropriate treatment.
Impetigo – Tamaiti can return once treated and sores are cleared.
Conjunctivitis – Pākeke / tamaiti may return once eyes are cleared and there is no longer discharge.
Antibiotics – Tamaiti can return when well and not less than 24hours after starting medication.

Please cut out and put on to your fridge.

Pōari Mātua – Whānau Board of Trustees

Do you think you have the goods to be a part of an awesome Pōari Mātua?
Do you know the difference between Governance and Management?
Do you have the passion for education, passion for our tamariki and their future?

Then they may be looking for you. The Pōari Mātua require 1 – 2 more people to join their awesome team. If you are interested then please email tewakasec@gmail.com and let them know.


Ensure all of your tamaiti kakahu / hū / tōkena are named

Discourage your tamaiti from coming in with their mouth guard and rugby / league boots in to the centre. Mouth Guards are coming are getting mixed up with other tamariki. This is becoming hard for tamariki to keep track of their mouth guard and for kaiako to know which mouth guard belongs to which tamaiti. Boots are being worn in to the centre. These are scratching our floor and our grass areas are not equipped for the cleats / sprigs at the bottom. Please refrain from bringing your tamaiti in to the centre with them on.